Nigerians have become a lot less secure in the last ten years and this growing sense of dread is not abating. Leadership in this time, has done little to address the immediate and remote causes and much less in stemming the looming specter of crime and violence. My administration will adopt a multipronged approach in dealing with the issues through:


  1. Promotion of economic growth and development:

One of the major causes of insecurity in Nigeria is unemployment. Young and able bodied men‎ who are willing and ready to work daily roam the streets endlessly without anything to engage them. Our economic plan is inextricably linked to security. Opportunities will be created for young people to obtain and create jobs in an egalitarian system designed to leave no one behind.


        2. Localized policing:

It’s important for the police to be part of the communities they are in.  We will work to decentralize the police force and in the process empower members of the force to take charge of specific geographies and encourage stronger community ties and accountability. Doing so, would allow a localized approach to crime-fighting and enable the police force bridge the gap between themselves and the various communities.


        3. Improved Remuneration and equipping of our Armed Forces and security agencies:

We will ensure improved remuneration and adequate equipping of the security and law enforcement agencies.


        4. Improved Justice system:

My administration will pursue critical reforms in the justice sector, positioning it to deliver just swiftly, without fear or favour.