Nigeria currently has a 1-to-6000 doctor-to-patient ratio, 10 times less than WHO recommendations. This, coupled with the debilitating state of public healthcare across the country, invites a more than urgent approach to healthcare.

My administration’s policy interventions in the healthcare sector are delineated along the following lines:


       1. Improvement of Budgetary allocation:

Our first step towards revamping healthcare will be to improve the budgetary allocation to the sector by over 35%.


       2. Primary Healthcare Centers (PHCs):

As a crucial step to delivering universal healthcare across the country, I will work with government across all tiers to facilitate the provision of at least one fully equipped and adequately staffed primary healthcare center in each political ward, with a planned ratio of one to a population of five thousand, with services ranging from basic care and curative services, to maternal and child healthcare and preventive services.


       3. Minimum of one General Hospital/Acute Care facility in each local government area:

My administration will ensure the provision and upgrading of general hospitals to deal with general ailments, accident and emergency centres and trauma centres in each LGA or one to a population of one hundred thousand people. 


        4. Specialist hospitals in each senatorial district to ensure resources are well-distributed across the country:

The establishment of at least a Specialist/Teaching hospital in each senatorial district to deal with specific/specialized ailments such as cardiology, rehabilitation, psychiatric, oncology, pediatric and orthopedic diseases will be effected to enhance the accessibility of tertiary healthcare for all Nigerians and reduce the dependence on the teaching hospitals.


        5. Doctor training, retention and remuneration:

My administration will stem the flow of doctors Southward by radically improving working conditions of doctors across the country. Safety and security, better working conditions and remuneration, and an environment for research will be top of the agenda.