The world looks to Nigeria as a stabilizing force in Africa. We have a long history of geopolitical influence on the continent. The size of our country, its economic strength relative to the rest of Africa, and the ingenuity and drive of our people, position us to play a more expansive role in tackling the common problems facing our interconnected world.


Our foreign policy is predicated on bilateral and multilateral agreements that promote economic growth particularly within Africa and in general.  In recent years, Nigeria’s cultural influence on the rest of the world has been on the ascendancy, with a growing soft power that must be bolstered, and not undercut, by political and economic failings. Reinventing Nigeria’s, and indeed Africa’s, image on the global stage is imperative.


My administration’s foreign policy thrust will include:


  • Revaluating and meeting all bilateral and multilateral agreements.
  • Deepening multilateral security pacts in the Lake Chad Basin.
  • Shoring up the country’s leadership position in the ECOWAS region by working with its neighbors to deliver better socio-economic regional integration.
  • Deepening cooperation with regional and global allies to check human trafficking, advanced fee fraud (419), money laundering, drug trafficking and piracy.
  • Facilitating more formal and effective channels for engaging the Nigerians in diaspora.