Nigeria is beset with environmental problems on various fronts, from losing arable land to desertification and deforestation, to dealing with periodic oil spills that threaten to damage the environment further. We will ensure adequate environmental safeguards through:


      1. Embrace reforestation:

Aggressive reforestation. A regeneration of the forestry is the key to keep desertification at bay and to ensure a sustainable stream of timber that can be harvested from the forest reserves. This would also serve as a bulwark against flooding and other extreme weather conditions brought forth by climate change.


      2. Reclaiming land lost to the desert, especially around the Sahel region:

My administration will stem the loss of land to desertification, particularly in the Sahel region and in addition plug into the ongoing efforts at the multilateral level targeted at building up a Great Green Well to slow down ongoing desertification in the Sahel region. Nigeria alone cannot grapple with the problem efficiently. Collaboration is key.


      3. Cleaning up our water and soil bodies:

We will put in place an overarching development policy to ensure that development and urbanization are not done and misguided with little regard for the environment.

Companies, especially in the oil and gas sector, will be compelled through strict regulation to clean up and revive the environment they operate in.


       4. Investing in renewable energy sources:

We  will create a safe shift towards cleaner and renewable energy, by dis-incentivizing the use of dirty fuel and improving supply of low Sulphur fuel.