Developing a skills oriented educational system is a matter of urgent priority. My administration’s policies will cover access, curriculum development, teacher training and development, and infrastructure.


  1. Access:

My administration will design a compulsory system of education, from crèche to adulthood, to ensure that every child up to the adult age of 18 years acquires an education and learns a skill concurrently.


      2. Curriculum Development:

This will follow an audit of the existing curricula across stages with the objective of aligning learning with real world needs and global best practices. Amendments will also combine formal and vocational learning with deliberately curated internship opportunities designed to harness and further develop practical work and life skills in a changing world.  


      3. Teacher training and development:

we will make series of strategic investments in revamping the teaching profession to attract first rate talent; competitive remuneration with health and housing benefits, hardship allowances for teachers willing to teach in rural areas – as a means of encouraging inclusion – revamping of teacher training colleges, and ensuring a teacher/student ratio of 1-20 at primary and 1-30 at secondary level while also tying teacher career reward to student performance.


      4. Investment in infrastructure:

Rolling capital investments in education infrastructure will form a key cornerstone of my plan to build a globally competitive educational sector.