My Vision

Nigeria demands a leadership that matches the proven potential of her people. At no point in the history of our country has this demand been more urgent. Our population of approximately 200 million, growing at an annual rate of 3.2 percent, is grossly incompatible with an economic growth rate averaging 2.3 percent. Millions of Nigerians, regardless of their ethnic origins, religion, age or gender, are falling into widening cracks. We are a resource rich nation plagued with the inability, and in many instances, the sheer refusal of leadership, to find creative ways to harness the country’s raw material wealth in an inclusive manner. The exclusion of millions from the commonwealth, as a result, has occasioned old and new security challenges that in recent times have threatened our collective existence and sense of nationhood. Our current predicament is unsustainable. And what is  clear to the cursory observer, is the absence of clear vision, strategy, and extraordinary political will – the absence of leadership. 


In the last three decades, I have worked assiduously in the private and public sectors to tackle the issues confronting us as a people, with verifiable results. We come to leadership with a sober view of the challenges and the requisite skills and experience needed to tackle them meaningfully. We know how systemic the problems are, and have no illusions that they can be turned overnight.


But we also hold a clear sense of the short term fixes and long range solutions needed to get the country on firm footing: to give all Nigerians a sense of belonging, to give every child a clear pathway to actualizing their potential in a globally competitive world rich with possibilities, to give mothers and fathers a means to effectively employ their talents and actualize the dream of building healthy and prosperous families, to create a safe, secure and enabling environment with world-class infrastructure, accessible and quality healthcare and education, and to build a respectable nation that will be a shining example to the continent, able to hold its head high in the comity of nations.


Thank you for taking time out to consider this document. There is a strong possibility that like most Nigerians, you come to the election cycle with a bit of delusion. This is understandable. Our democracy hasn’t delivered much by way of governance. We welcome you to consider our perspective of the issues, as well as our solutions, dispassionately.

We hope to generate dialogue and are open to receiving your thoughts, disputations and ideas. We hope that together we can rekindle faith in our dear country and rediscover our capacity to translate our common aspirations to reality, just as we are more than prepared to translate rhetoric to actual performance and results, for the benefit of all Nigerians.



  • Create an enabling environment that allows EVERY Nigerian maximize their productivity, realize their potential, and find fulfillment.
  • Ensure the security and wellbeing of all Nigerians by revamping and recapitalizing the economy.
  • Frontally address the socio-economic and political exclusion of large swaths of Nigerians through strategic equal opportunity programs.